What to expect

img_2973First appointment:

  • Your first appointment will last 2-3 hours (we’ll schedule a 3 hour block of time). We’ll talk about your main reason for coming in, as well as and many other aspects of your physical and emotional health.
  • There are no forms to fill out in advance, please just bring a list of any medications, herbs or supplements that you’re currently taking.
  • Afterwards, I’ll make you a custom formula (usually tinctures, and sometimes teas or other herbal preparations) to last you until our next appointment. I hand-make my own herbal medicine out of top-quality, organic herbs and other ingredients.

Follow up appointments:

  • We’ll schedule monthly follow up appointments that last an hour or less. We’ll talk about any shifts or new issues you’re experiencing, and I’ll make you a new custom formula depending on what’s happening with you.


  • In addition to your herbs, I’ll often make “lifestyle” recommendations around such things as food, nutrition, exercise, and other stress-relief practices. Please know that while the herbs provide important support for us to shift, in most cases we have to intentionally make changes too!


  • In person: At my office in Oakland
  • Remotely: I can work with clients over the phone or through videoconferencing (Skype etc.).

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