About Tracey

tracey-2Tracey Brieger: Clinical Energetic Herbalist, Community Organizer

My passion is to support healing for us as individuals, as communities, and for the earth through my pursuits as an energetic herbalist and community organizer.

Through my herbal practice, I seek to support people in finding deep health and balance across the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of their beings. My practice welcomes everyone, and is POC, queer, trans, and poly-friendly.

I have studied plant medicine since 2005 and been in clinical practice since 2007, including advanced studies through the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with teachers Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes, a four-year clinical program at the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies, and two years of classes with herbalist Matthew Wood. In addition to my private practice in Clinical Energetic Herbalism, I teach herbal classes at the Ancestral Apothecary School in Oakland, the Women’s Cancer Resource Center and San Francisco General Hospital’s Cancer Care program.

I believe in health care as a human right and make it a priority to volunteer as an herbalist at community-based clinics, including with the Bay Area Healing Clinic Collective, at Standing Rock, and several years of service at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for low-income women with cancer in Oakland.

In complementary practice, I’ve also been an activist and organizer for more than 25 years, including over a decade doing environmental justice advocacy, and hold an M.S. in Environmental Science, Policy and Management from UC Berkeley.

Please get in touch – I’d be honored to help you work towards your healing goals!