Healing From the Root

Our most transformational healing goes down to the deepest roots of our imbalances – physical, emotional and spiritual – and builds strong roots to hold new patterns and catalyze new growth.

Roots anchor us, ground us and nourish us. They are the strong foundation that allows us to change and be flexible – to blow in the breeze – without losing our grounding.

Yet as our roots hold us in place, they can also hold us in our old patterns. To truly flourish, we have to weed out the deep habits and patterns that no longer work for us, and grow new roots towards transformation and liberation.

We are not separate from the whole of greater existence. Our collective transformation and liberation depends on healing ourselves as individuals, and healing society through changing institutions and systems. Acting from the root – going down to the source of imbalances and growing new foundations – we can spread justice, collective liberation, mutual respect and love.

Plant medicine is a beautiful partner in these pursuits, supporting us to go deep within ourselves, shift patterns and walk in our true power. Start working with the plants now – schedule a consultation or sign up for a class!