manzanitaFirst appointment (2-3 hours): $200

Follow up appointments (1 hour): $100

These fees covers our consultation time together, my time to develop and prepare your custom organic herbal formulas, and clinic space rental. It doesn’t include the cost of your herbs, below. 

I believe in accessible health care. Sliding scale is available for those in need – please ask!

Herb costs: I hand-make my own herbal medicine with organic herbs, other high quality organic ingredients and prayers. These are discounted fees for clients:

  • Tinctures: $12/ounce (2oz of tonic will usually last for the month between appointments)
  • Spirit formulas & herbal oils: $6/ounce
  • Teas: $3/ounce

Cash or checks preferred. Ask me about Paypal, Venmo or credit cards (in some instances, there may be an additional small service fee).

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