Reduced Rates

I want to live in a world where quality health care of all kinds is accessible for everyone! Let’s work for that!

Under our current system, capitalism breeds both very real wealth inequities alongside a broader sense of scarcity and lack of abundance. Equitable exchange is about valuing and respecting everyone’s contributions and work, at the same time as recognizing our own positions of privilege – or lack thereof.

Please consider what you can afford, and consider your relative economic position:

  • Are you in Section 8, and/or at risk of becoming homeless?
  • Are you a single parent? Are you the main breadwinner for multiple dependents?
  • Are you able to work?
  • Do you qualify for social security or Medical?
  • Are you undocumented?
  • Do you have people who are already helping you or who could help you cover your expenses, if needed (e.g. family, partner, friends)?
  • Do you have a high school diploma? A college or other advanced degree? Do you have certified trade skills?
  • Do you have a job with benefits?
  • Do you take trips out of the country?

These questions are meant for your own reflection. I will not ask you to answer these questions or to “prove” anything if/when we talk about rates. Please do ask about sliding scale if you need it!